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Updated: Sep 5

GoTrack Media uses all these platforms to help optimize our productivity and growth, we hope you can also leverage these tools to help improve your workflow.



Klokki is a tool that allows you to track how much time you are allocating on multiple tasks and projects. It has a feature that starts the timers automatically. You are able to then view weekly reports and graphs that show your progress.

Shortcut Bar


Shortcut bar is a nifty application that allows your to access your important files, folders, apps, bookmarks, and even snippets. The Shortcut bar is collapsible in your menu bar and you can easily get to your files without having to open the Finder. This tool helps optimize productivity and it helps save time without having to look for specific items you may need on the fly.

Microsoft To Do


Microsoft's daily planner is a minimal task manager that gives you the ability to plan your day in advance and the personalized suggestions prompt you with the events the day of. Within the application, you are able to break down your tasks into steps to help make things more manageable. It has a great user interface which it makes it super easy to navigate as well.



Trello is a great collaboration tool that helps you accomplish more while working on teams. With Trello you can create different boards and cards that detail information such as due dates, checklists, members and labels. It is a great visual tool for you to map out the tasks and projects you may be working on.



Fantastical is a calendar application that allows you to view all your tasks and events in an intuitive way. It synchronizes with your Reminders application and your default calendar so you can have everything all in one place. It has a collaborative component as well, as it allows you to invite others to events you create!

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