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Shake It Off with Shakepay!

Introducing The New Debit Card from Shakepay Card that rewards cash back in Bitcoin!

Shakepay is a Canadian cryptocurrency platform featuring Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is currently the easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin instantly using Interac e-Transfer. Shakepay also facilitates a way for users to easily cash out their money directly to their bank accounts.

What is the Shakepay Card?

The Shakepay Card is a Visa* Prepaid Debit card that allows you to spend your Canadian dollar balance with Visa-accepting merchants. The card exists as a virtual card that can be accessed through virtual wallets such as Apple and Google Pay. Shakepay fosters simplicity and a seamless ability for you to top up your Shakepay account through Interac e-Transfers as well as the ability to exchange your crypto balance for CAD.

The virtual Shakepay Card can be used anywhere Apple and Google Pay are supported. This includes merchants in Canada and internationally. It is important to note that recurring purchases are not supported by Apple Pay or Google Pay, and therefore not available through the Shakepay Card. The card is essentially meant to be used as a prepaid debit card.

What rewards will I earn with the Shakepay Card?

You will earn up to 2% in bitcoin cash back with your Shakepay Visa* Prepaid Debit Card on your first $5,000 which is paid out directly in bitcoin. You will only receive a cash back reward on purchases made with your Shakepay Card. You will not receive a cash back reward for any ATM withdrawals, topping up your account, or when you Shakepay a friend.

You will see your bitcoin cash back reward pending in your transaction details once you've made a purchase.To see how many sats you’ve earned on a given purchase, you click the Bitcoin icon within the app. You will see your bitcoin cash back rewards that corresponds to each transaction. You can also review the rewards received for a specific transaction in your Canadian dollar wallet.

How long until I am able to access the Bitcoin cashback?

Your bitcoin cashback reward will remain pending until your transaction has been fully settled. Once your transaction is settled, your cashback in bitcoin will be credited to your account. Transactions typically take between 1-2 days to settle.All cashback rewards are automatically deposited to the bitcoin balance of your Shakepay account after purchases are settled.

What are “sats”?

Sats refer to satoshis, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin (think of it like cents to a dollar). Just like how there are 100 cents in a dollar, there are 100 million satoshis in 1 Bitcoin. Fun fact: they were named after the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Start adding some value to your purchases, start today!

Have you tried Shakepay yet?

By signing up today, you will receive $30 (CAD) with your first 100$ purchased in Bitcoin.

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