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Time Management Strategies

Time is of the essence in our day and age. Striving to work mindfully and efficiently to optimize the use of our time should be a priority as it can become quite challenging to do so due to the infinite distractions there are on a daily basis. Wasting time is the last thing any entrepreneur or creative wants as it may cause a major setback to any organization. We have a few strategies that will definitely help you out make better use of your time.

Proactive Work First, Reactive Work Second

We have entered an era of reactionary workflow, where we tend to inboxes and notifications which disrupts how mindful or focused we can be on the task at hand thus leading us to spend more time on something than necessary. We need to be more proactive about what matters most to us and how much time we are spending towards meaningful work. That is why it is important to start all your creative and challenging work earlier on in the day and disregard emails, social media, and online distraction to later on in the afternoon. When you start off with meaningful work that requires uninterrupted focus and attention, you will tend to get things done faster.

Focus on One Thing

Focusing on one thing at a time may be a simple concept, but it has a compounding effect of increasing your focus, attention, and clarity on the task at hand which will help you get it done right away. Multitasking may feel like you are doing more but it really isn't as effective because fragmented attention increases the amount of time you have to spend on each individual task. Being busy doesn't insinuate that you are being productive.

Plan the Night Before

Planning can be a very time consuming task itself and can also induce the feeling of being overwhelmed due to the amount of things that need to be done. One of the ways to reduce the amount of stress this has on your workflow is to plan your day out the night before. Using online platforms like Trello or a traditional planner, you can make boards and to do lists of tasks, meetings, projects and appointments the night before. So, on the following day you can focus on the tasks themselves and not drown with uncertainty of what to complete next. What you do today will lay the groundwork for how you will start tomorrow.

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