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Graphic Design over the Years

Graphic design has been around forever people back in the cave days used images

to communicate. In the caveman days, they used cave drawings to communicate

with each other. Sort of like how we use icons to identify things in the modern day.

Way before computers Before even the printing press everything was done by hand

with every poster before the 1440s. According to Wikipedia a german man named

Jhoannes Gutenberg. He was responsible for the creation of the future of graphic

design as a whole forever changing the way graphic design and art were produced

and to this day some people still use printing presses to get that original look and

feel. Moving forward a bit to the invention of computers (Barfield 2020) claims that

computers were first invented in 1822 but “was not built until 1991” (Barfield 2020).

However, In 1903 an artist named Koloman Moser and his friends Josef Hoffmann

an architect and Fritz Waerndrfer who was a patron. According to Monica Galvan A

Graphic designer and photographer and Ellis and Milakovic, from claim

these 3 formed a group called the wiener warksatte. The first-ever graphic design

firm. Due to the war going on and the depression that followed shortly after the firm

was closed “Wikipedia”. Even though it no longer is in business it still has an impact

today. Most graphic designers used to create their work by hand on paper which took

much longer because if they needed more than one copy of a design they had to

redo each one over and over again which wasn't convenient, to say the least. then it

does today when adobe was realized in the 1980s it was far from what it is today

there were limited tools you could use and it was as well known. Today there are

hundreds of tools you can use and unlimited possibility all you have to do is come up

with ideas. Now and day graphic design is everywhere we look and anyone can

become a graphic designer if they want to. Unlike in the earlier days when it was way

more difficult who knows where the graphic design world will take us next, we can

only wait and see.


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