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Colours Used In Design

How do colours affect our perception of branding?

Colour is one of the most vital aspects of any design project. You don't just choose yourfavourite colour all willy nilly, you have to put a whole lot of thought into each colour to make use of it correctly which helps sends the right message you are looking for. For instance, say your client wants a design for an upbeat healthy meal kit. You wouldn't have just any old colours. The best choice here is a bright green colour. You may ask yourself why green. Ask yourself the question: when I think of health what colour do I see or when I think of nature what colour do I see the most? Green isn't just a happy accident, we are conditioned in design to think green which is associated with being healthy when some of the most popular "healthy" foods we eat are salads, avocados and even kale. When it comes fast food logos, the reoccuring color we encounter is red and this is not a coincidence. Once again This is why when dealing with colours it's best to do your research on the meanings behind colours. Red can mean many things to different parts of the world. Here in Canada, red is our National colour the colour of our flag however fast food red is to draw attention and to give off a sense of happiness when you see the logo. Many people are drawn to certain brands because of their branding that creates a sense of familiarity. Now there is so much more I can say on this matter but let's talk about other less used colours like purple. Purple isn't in any flags because it was such a complex pigment to get at the time so it was seen as royalty and more premium so not many people would have access to it. That's why if you want your design to stand out as a highly sought-after whether on your product or branding, purple may be a great option when used correctly which may be challenging. Blue is seen as a sad colour in many instances but in the design world, a lot of people use it in their ecommerce sites to stand out. Blue in design is a colour you keep returning to and it has a sense of loyalty to it. Considering all this, try picking colours according to the feel you're going for not just the look and you may have a brand or design worth paying attention to.

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